Faculdades da USTM

Business School

The USTM’s Business School (U-BS) creates opportunities for Mozambicans to compete effectively in the global economy by offering courses in the English language and high standards of higher education that meet the needs of the country and global market. To achieve this objective, only English is used as the language for communication at the Business School, all disciplines and study materials for all the courses are provided in English and the Degree certificate is awarded in English. The School also offers English language courses to prepare prospective students who are not fluent in English and are willing to join their programs and those who need English for personal development, and also to attract foreign students who may wish to study in Mozambique. The Business School Offers the following Undergraduate, Postgraduate and MBA programs:

> Bachelor of commerce in accounting and finance

> Bachelor of business management

> Bachelor of science in computer science

> Bachelor of science in economics

> Master of Business Management

> Master of Human Resource Management

> Master of Comparative Local Development

> Master in Human Development and Food Security.

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